Ground Rules to Clinical Determinants of Occlusion cover

Ground Rules to Clinical Determinants of Occlusion

Oral Rehabilitation Dentistry – Basic Level

Instructor: Dr. Ratnadeep Patil

Language: English

Understand the ‘ABC’ of occlusion in function. Occlusal contacts in natural occlusion and restoration of these contacts in your restorations along correct guidance paths. Learn to decode Centric Relation and Centric Occlusion discrepancy and correctly diagnose dysfunction and TMJ related pain.

Eligibility: Final year students who have started treating patients, Interns ,Clinicians 2-3 years into practice.

Certificate: A certificate of completion on obtaining 70% in the session quiz.

Course Duration (Min) – 60 Mins

Video Duration –  46 Mins

Assessment Duration(max) –  24 Mins

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