Management of Gummy Smile for Aesthetic and Functions cover

Management of Gummy Smile for Aesthetic and Functions

Esthetic Dentistry – Expert Level

Instructor: Dr. Ratnadeep Patil

Language: English

Gummy smile is a common phenomenon that can be observed across global population. While the obvious treatment for the same could be gingivoplasty or crown lengthening procedure, it is important to understand the differential diagnosis and understand which cases can be treated by this modality. Other biologic considerations which dictate the success of the procedure have also been discussed in this session.

Eligibility: Clinicians who would like to look at cases with challenging clinical situations.

Certificate: A certificate of completion on obtaining 70% in the session quiz.

Course Duration (Min) – 60 Mins

Video Duration – 43 Mins

Assessment Duration(max) – 24 Mins

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