Management of Single Diastema with Ceramics and Composites cover

Management of Single Diastema with Ceramics and Composites

Esthetic Dentistry – Advanced Level

Instructor: Dr. Ratnadeep Patil

Language: English

Enrolled Learners: 153

Single tooth diastema management, especially with central incisors is not just about acquiring a contact between the two teeth, but it actually involves esthetic management of the most dominant portion of a patients’ smile. The material selection for such restorations could be ceramic or composite. The session covers preparation designs, step by step protocol for direct as well as indirect restorations and rules of illusion applicable for an esthetic final result.

Eligibility: Clinicians who intend to learn about specific treatment modalities.

Certificate: A certificate of completion on obtaining 70% in the session quiz.


Course Duration (Min) – 60 Mins

Video Duration – 33 Mins

Assessment Duration (max) – 24 Mins

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